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It Could Happen To You

Harvey Diamond’s playing is unique. After studying for several years with jazz innovator Lennie Tristano, he went on to form a powerful pianistic voice: bold, lyrical, sometimes abstract, sometimes tender, but always swinging. One cannot easily categorize his style because he is deeply in the moment when he plays. He goes wherever his heart and imagination lead him. This is why listeners are so drawn to him. He expresses a rare depth of feeling with total honesty and without ego or self-consciousness. He is truly an artist.

Michael Kanan, New York


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Domenic Landolf: Bass Clarinet
Marc Mezgolits: Bass Guitar
Playing in duo is probably the most intimate kind of ensemble in Jazz: hardly any other formation offers as much freedom to improvisation and interaction.
Bathyscaph explores the possibilities of this kind of jazz group with bass clarinet and electric bass guitar. With this unusual instrumentation, new soundscapes within the jazz idiom are delved into.
Their repertoire consists of various standards as well as originals. Thanks to creative interpretation as well as various sound possibilites, the rather scarce manned band knows no boundaries.
Das Duo ist wohl die intimste Besetzung im Jazz: kaum eine andere Zusammensetzung lässt den Spielern so viel Raum zur Improvisation und Interaktion.
Bathyscaph lotet die Grenzen dieser Form des Zusammenspiels mit Bassklarinette und elektrischer Bassgitarre aus und schafft in dieser ungewöhnlichen Instrumentierung neue Klangwelten innerhalb der Jazzästhetik.
Im Repertoire finden sich sowohl verschiedene Standards als auch Eigenkompositionen beider Musiker. Durch kreative Interpretation und vielfältige Klangmöglichkeiten sind der doch eher spärlich besetzten Band keine Grenzen gesetzt.


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Beck Landolf Rossy

Second CD Chromophilia has recently been released on Unit Records.

“Anyone who knows Michael Beck, Domenic Landolf and Jorge Rossy knows about some similarities in their character: modesty and restraint, for example, or the careful choice and effectiveness in their words. They don’t put themselves in the spotlight unnecessarily.
In words and music they tell what they have to say, and their aesthetic articulation is clear and authentic at any moment”
Steff Rohrbach

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Off The Cuff

Bill McHenry ts
Domenic Landolf ts
Bänz Oester b
Jorge Rossy dr

Two tenor dates with bass and drums (and no harmonic instrument) are comparatively rare. Both Domenic Landolf and Bill McHenry are melodic, serious improvisors, so there’s no danger of a meaningless tenor battle. Indeed, there’s something naturally compatible with their yearning and searching sonorities. Landolf has quicksilver excellence and McHenry takes absurd risks, so it’s a really good match. There’s obviously also a shared love of the more esoteric masters: Sonny Rollins, Wayne Shorter, Dewey Redman. Bänz Oester has a dark sound and secure beat, representative of a particularly strong tradition of great European jazz bassists. Jorge Rossy is beloved internationally for his utterly personal approachtojoyfulswing.
Rossy, Oester, and Landolf all teach at at the Jazzcampus at the Musik Akademie Basel, where McHenry also guests occasionally. There’s also a Barcelona connection, as Rossy and McHenry have been making music together in those environs for a couple decades now.
The repertoire is solid with an emphasis on the blues. Until recently, the blues was a vital component to most jazz, as basic to the music as counterpoint was to the lasting European music of the baroque era. All the musicians on Off the Cuff show that the blues esthetic is still relevant. It’s something that can be acquired no matter who you are or where you are from.

Ethan Iverson

Order CD: tom(dot)gsteiger(at)bluewin(dot)ch

-Arne Huber 4tett „Im echten Leben“ Domenic Landolf/ Rainer Böhm/Jochen Rücker + Wanja Slavin on track 1,3 & 6- (Meta Records)

Oli Kuster Kombo “Magniflex”

Christoph Stiefel Septet

Landolf Trio @ Jazzfestival Schaffhausen 2016

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Beck Landolf Rossy

Das kollektiv geleitete Trio hat sich zum Anlass des Minifestivals 2013 aus dem schon seit 2006 bestehenden Duo Landolf/Beck formiert und einige vielversprechende Konzerte in Bern , Barcelona und Basel gespielt.
Im März wurde in Begues bei Barcelona die erste CD aufgenommen.
Beck, Landolf und Rossy praktizieren eine eigenständige, kompromisslos undogmatische, melodische und emotional authentische Lesart des modernen Jazz. Die ungewöhnliche und dadurch auch anspruchsvolle Besetzung bietet eine grosse Vielfalt an Klangfarben und Strukturen von einer kammermusikalischen Transparenz bis zu einer fast orchestralen Dichte, lässt aber auch genügend Platz für spontanes Interplay.
Alle drei Musiker nehmen gleichzeitig die Funktion des Solisten, des Begleiters und der Rhythm Section ein und lassen ihre grosse Erfahrung als Instrumentalisten, Bandleader und Komponisten einfliessen.
Das Repertoire besteht überwiegend aus Kompositionen der drei Bandmitglieder und selten gespielten Stücken von Monk, Mingus und Weill.

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Orbit >> mp3
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Domenic Landolf
New Brighton

Domenic Landolf tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, alto flute
Patrice Moret bass
Dejan Terzic drums, glockenspiel


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W.E. >> mp3
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Fjord >> mp3
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Malstrom >> mp3
New Brighton >> mp3
The Beatles Go East >> mp3
My Old Flame >> mp3

Domenic Landolf

Domenic Landolf tenor saxophone, clarinet
Jean-Paul Brodbeck piano, fender rhodes
Fabian Gisler bass
Dominic Egli drums


Demonic >> mp3
I-Song >> mp3
Favour Sharps >> mp3
Wanderlust >> mp3
Penthesilea >> mp3
Stones from The West >> mp3
Bossa North >> mp3
Another Hero >> mp3
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JHM Records

Diskographie als Sideman (Auswahl)

- Oli Kuster Kombo – Magniflex
- Arne Huber Quartet – Im echten Leben
- Beck Landolf Rossy – Aphorism
- Arne Huber Quartet - Pearls
- Christoph Stiefel Septet - RHYTHM-A-TIZED
- Joe Haider Jazz Orchestra - Keep it dark
- Hans Feigenwinter ZINC - Whim Of Fate
- Marcus Wyatt Quartet - One Life In The Sun
- Feya Faku Quintet - le Ngoma
- Max Frankl - home
- Pablo Held - Elders
- Lauer Large - Less Beat More
- Feya Faku - Hope and Honour
- MenschMaschine - Hand Werk
- Arne Huber Quartet - Jordan
- Miniatur Orchester – Pro Specie Rara
- Andy Scherrer Special Sextett – Wrong Is Wright
- Adrian Mears – Birdseye View
- Adrian Mears New Orleans Hardbop – Jump on in
- Mats Up – Same Pictures New Exhibition
- Mats Up – In The Beginning
- Mats Up – Something about Water
- Tomas Sauter – Magic Carpet
- Daniel Schläppi - Voices Live
- Intuition-Lennie’s Line
- Daniel Schläppi - Voices
- Brigitte Dietrich-Joe Haider Jazz Orchestra
- Eliane Cueni Septett – hey hag

Les Jours Ecoulées

live at birds eye jazzclub

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